Want to participate in Adventure Sky Run

Things you need to do first :

1. Register on our website www.adventureskyrun.com providing all necessary information.

* If you want to change the registration data, send an email via the contact form with your desired changes.

2. After receiving confirmation e-mail you should pay participation fee by bank transfer :

Early Booking ( april 1 – 15.07.2019):  30 EUR
Late Enrollment (15.07. 2019 – 15.08.2019):  45 EUR

"Adventure Scy Run" 
IBAN: BG43RZBB91551008059964
Reason for payment: Participation fee ASR + number of registration

In case of cancelation by the contestant, the participation fee is partially refunded within one week of payment date. A 30% commission fee is deducted. Any later cancelations will result in 50% commission fee, but no later than two weeks before the start date. No refund is due if canceled less than two weeks to the start date.


HARD ROCKERS -  born before 01 sept. 1979   (Мen  and  Woman)
PUNKS - born after 01 sept. 1979  (Men  and  Woman)


- Insurance "Active Care"
- Race Number
- Storage bag
- Vacuum bag for trash
- Map
- Food & Beverage (specialized refreshment points)
- Transport ( Rila Monastery - Borovets ) and logistics
- T-shirt
- Medal
- Gift

4. After successful registration and payment you should fill in and sign the following declaration form at the START point in order to receive your contest package.

5. Each competitor must be acquainted with the rules of the race.


1. Competitors are required to move only within the designated route at all times and follow the marking of the race. 

2. It is prohibited to discharge any waste along and around the track. All contestants will be given hermetically closed bags in which they can put all waste, food leftovers, used toilet paper and other trash. The bags and all other wastes can be disposed at designated locations at the checkpoints, where you can get new bags.

3. All competitors must bring with them a suitable containers, which can get water and other drinks at checkpoints .

4. The use of poles is permitted.

1. Along the race track, where appropriate, refreshing checkpoints are located. These stations will offer water, sports drinks and food for the athletes.
2. Competitors are required to dispose used waste bags only by the designated areas at each refreshing point. Each contestant could get a new bag if needed. 
1. In case of emergency medical teams are available at the start and finish point as well as at the refreshment stations. However, all competitors must be aware of the risks and dangers associated with participation in such an event and declare that participation in the race is at their own responsibility.
2. Given the specificity of the course all participants should be aware that it may take a long time before medical or rescue teams could reach them in case of emergency. 
3. At their discretion, the medical staff or the staff at the checkpoints may terminate the participation of any contestant, whose physical and mental condition would not allow further participation in the competition. That their decision is final the participant must give them their race number .
4. In case the contestant declares impossibility to continue their participation in the competition, it is advisable for them to go to the nearest refreshment point , even if it means to go back . Therefore it is strongly recommended, before leaving a station, to inquire about the distance, route and relative difficulty in order to carefully consider whether to proceed or not. Transportation to the withdrawn runners will be provided.
5. In an event of accident where the injured is between two checkpoints and can’t reach any of them individually, contact member of the staff by dialing the phone number printed on the race number. In case this is not possible, call the European Emergency number (112), which will also be printed on the race number.
  • Headlamp 
  • Waterproof jacket 
  • Food and drinks with energy equivalent of 2,000 cal. 
  • Bottle: minimum 1 L capacity
  • T-shirt
  • Hat / Headband
  • Gloves 
  • Cell phone with charged battery and permitted outbound calls on the territory of Bulgaria 
  • First Aid Kit
  • Survival blanket
  • Race Number
1. ONLY contestants aged 18 and over at the day of the event are allowed to enter the race. All contestants sign Declaration of Consent to the conditions of the competition and discharge the hosts of any responsibility. 
2. Athletes must be fully aware of the efforts needed to participate in mountain ultra marathons and be adequately prepared physically and mentally.
3. Competitors must be able to cope without external assistance, with all the risks inherent in participation in mountain ultra marathon: fatigue, physical ailments and injuries, bad weather (rain, snow, strong wind, fog, mud, cold, heat), orientation, movement at night.
1. The hosts reserve the right to cancel or terminate the contest at any time due to safety reasons and force major.
2. In such cases the participation fee is not refundable.
  • START : 6 : 00 - Borovets
  • First control: p. Musala : 09:30 ( 3 hours and 30 min .) 
  • Second control: turnout Granchar Hut: 11:30 (5 hours and 30 min .) 
  • Final : 19:30 - Malyovitsa
  • TOTAL: 13:30 h
  • Start of the race: Borovets
  • Markings: all available markinga of National Park "Rila" and National Park "Rila Monastery, tourist card, limited additional marking of the race and GPS track
  • Security: compulsory insurance for the entire event with active care (assistance helicopter), MRS, Sportmed - Medical Support
  • Refreshment Points: 4 points for the entire route;
  • Participation: contestants with invitations and open registration. The total number of start-ups will be limited, according to the rules of the national parks and their regulations
  • Earned Points for the Application to other races - 3 ITRA.


30.08.2019 Friday

4:00-8:00 P.M. -  Registration and Starter Pack hand out
8:00 P.M. – Technical Conference

31.08.2019 Saturday

05:00 - 05:45 A.M. – Registration and Starter Pack hand out. Collection of personal belongings which are to be transported to the FINAL. Mendatory Equipment check.

06:00 A.M. - START
06:00 P.M. - FINAL
06:00 - 06:30 P.M. - AWARDING
07:00 P.M. – Transportation to Borovets